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Get Curves In All The Right Places From Home, With The Support And Coaching You Need On Your Schedule From Danita Young.

Join 'Curves 4 Life' and continue your journey of Fitness & Self Love today and here is what you will get:

DAILY Workout Video Challenges

  • You get fun and balanced video training workouts that you can do at Home, while Travelling, or at the Gym.
  • You get videos at your fingertips that can be done that day with the community or at your own time in a user friendly portal that is Streaming on all devices.
  • Everyday these will challenge you and help you to get the best curves, smaller waist, and MORE Self-love
  • EVOLVE your MIND, BODY, & LIFE in a community of like-minded women. NO BURPIES INCLUDED!

Weekly Balanced Routine

  • Danita's secret routine revealed to you that'll help you balance your mind, fitness, and nutrition.
  • This essential and unique pillar is meant to keep you positive to create a happy & healthy life as - without balance all else will fail eventually.
  • You'll get simple, easy to follow, yet effective Daily Small Waist Challenges to FEEL good, staying young, energetic WHILE shrinking your waist- & a Macro Calculator.
  • You'll get a Weekly Shopping Lists which is paired with your daily challenges, to make a complete program. Includes easy breakdown of your Macros.

Personal Trainer at Your Fingertips with Danita Young

  • You will have 24/7 access to Group Coaches, Motivators, and Me, who are dedicated to push you to REACH your NEW & BEST SELF.
  • I guide you through modifications or advanced movements - no matter what level you are at.
  • This program is about progression NOT perfection, and the journey is what we embrace.
  • This is for your fitness level, no matter whatever age you are - So, don't worry, you are welcomed.

Daily Support & Accountability

  • Get the love, acceptance, and 24/7 support from your Accountability Partners that'll help you reach your goals faster, easier and better. We lead with positivity and love!
  • Time to own your life by getting motivated with real women, for real results that will last.
  • Forget Comparison it is about Complimenting and Uplifting one another!
  • Get empowered and guided through our Weekly LIVES, where we discuss important life & fitness topics.

Join These Amazing Women With Amazing Results. Checkout Our Program Results:


"Hi, my name is Taryn and I am so pleased with my results. I have lost inches in my waist and I feel way more confident in a swimsuit. I thought that I was healthy but when it really came down to it, there were few very crucial things that made biggest differences and Booty Bands helped me achieve that."


"Hi, this is Daisy. This is my April to June transformation. I'm not only shrinking my waist but also bubbling my booty & absolutely loving my results. I never imagined myself looking in the mirror and feeling comfortable with how I look but Booty Bands Community has helped me embrace myself as is and practice self-love."


"I couldn't believe how unhappy I truly was in my before picture. It took me a lot to smile. I struggled with a lot of bad relationships with food, a bad breakup that wasn't doing good in general - this program overall has made me such a happy person and I'm so happy with my life transformation."


"I love beer, I love cheese, & I didn't wanna change but I was willing to workout and fight to eat more for the things I love and enjoy. I learned that I didn't have to eliminate the things I like out of my diet but reduce them. Thank you for making me more confident & sexy Danita. Love you & this program."


"Hey, I'm Danita, I wanted to go through my own program and see what type of results I'd achieve. And, I was very quite pleased to see my waist shrink and my curves enhanced. Absolutely love my own results and super ecstatic to take more women down this program and change their lives."

Would you like to join the growing community of women who also see amazing transformations everyday?

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Your Complete CURVES FOR LIFE, Fitness & Self-Love Membership Includes...

Daily Workout Video Challenges with Danita Young

  • You get videos at your fingertips from your coach, that you can do with the community or at your own time in a user- friendly Portal that is Streaming and Downloadable on all devices.
  • Start your challenges at home, while traveling, or from the gym with or without us, and follow them in order to get the best curves, smaller waist, and MORE Self-Love - everyday.
  • EVOLVE your MIND,BODY, & LIFE in a community of like-minded women. NO BURPIES INCLUDED. Every single day you'll get more motivated to achieve the NEW you.
  • Speed up your results with downloadable workout video challenges to get Curves For Life. There you go!

Danita's Secret, Weekly Balanced Routine

  • Daily Small Waist, Easy To Follow Challenges so you FEEL good, staying young, energetic WHILE shrinking your waist! I keep it simple but very, very effective. MACRO CALCULATOR INCLUDED.
  • Weekly Shopping Lists paired with your daily challenges to make a complete program. Your coach provides an easy breakdown of your Macros: Protein, Carbs, Fats, that takes out complications at the grocery store.
  • Better Relationship with food through Danita's LIVE events which have breakthroughs that help us overcome eating challenges and develop a better relationship with food.
  • Danita helps provide a clear direction on trending diets that are actually good for you. Coaches, Motivators, and Danita herself available for you - dedicated to help you achieve great results.

Personal Trainer at Your Fingertips with Danita Young

  • You will have 24/7 access to Group Coaches, Motivators, and MYSELF, who are dedicated to push you to REACH your NEW & BEST SELF.
  • I guide you through modifications or advanced movements - no matter what level you are at.
  • This program is about progression NOT perfection and the journey is what we embrace.
  • This is for your fitness level, no matter whatever age you are - So, don't worry you're welcomed.

Daily 24/7 Support & Accountability

  • Daily Small Waist, Easy To Follow Challenges so you FEEL good, staying young, energetic WHILE shrinking your waist! I keep it simple but very, very effective. MACRO CALCULATOR INCLUDED.
  • Your Accountability Partners will lead with complimenting, guiding, and supporting one another. You are not alone and it will help you reach your goals faster, easier, and better.
  • Weekly LIVES discussing important life & fitness topics to help you empower yourself. Hosting member interviews, relating to one another and bond towards our EVOLVED SELVES. WARNING: RAW TRUTH and AUTHENTIC CONTENT PROVIDED!
  • Member's only Monthly LIVE Workouts that you can join from home, while traveling, or when you are at the gym. Where we sweat and complete Fun & Addicting Workouts together. NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED.

Meet Danita Young
- Your Coach

Danita Young is a Personal Trainer, Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor, Model, Dance Instructor, Coach, Mentor. But do those titles really define me? What about all trials in life that made me who I am. Everyone has a story? Here is my real story:

Originally lost in the molds of society, trapped in bad relationships, and easily persuaded by negativity; I lost myself in the low self-esteem dungeon. I remember looking down at my soft cellulite body and covering my slow growing tire with spanks. Overdosing on cardio and half starving myself, I honestly didn’t know any better. That was the old me. I then created a new life in my mind to relieve myself from what I was experiencing. I didn’t realize how impactful it was… It is what created Booty Bands®.

Today I still get goosebumps when I see a Booty Bands® customer look at their transformation pictures, and see that self-esteem & confidence boost that I crave for all women to have.

Butterflying into an inspiring, motivating, and positive role model became my reality. Don’t stop creating THE NEW YOU TOO. Forget the titles!

"I'm Ready To Have 'Curves 4 Life' - COUNT ME IN!!"
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Danita Young
Owner & Co-Founder of Booty Bands®

I love Questions!
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions!

    [op_question question="How%20can%20I%20stay%20committed%20to%20this%20program%3F"]%3Cdiv%20class%3D%22toggle-inner%22%3E%0A%0AThank%20for%20putting%20your%20health%20first!%20I%20know%20how%20it%20feels%20to%20start%20something%20and%20stop.%20That%20is%20why%20I%20am%20passionate%20about%20focusing%20on%20progression%20NOT%20perfection!%20Celebrating%20the%20small%20wins%20will%20keep%20you%20MOST%20motivated%20to%20reach%20your%20goals.%20You%20will%20FEEL%20%26amp%3B%20SEE%20the%20difference%20with%20our%20loving%20supportive%20community%20and%20FUN%20workouts!%20I%20look%20forward%20to%20meeting%20you!%0A%0A%3C%2Fdiv%3E[/op_question] [op_question question="How%20does%20the%20program%20work%3F"]%3Cdiv%20class%3D%22toggle%22%3E%0A%3Cdiv%20class%3D%22toggle-inner%22%3E%0A%0AI%20created%20Curves%204%20Life%20because%20I%20listened%20to%20what%20women%20wanted.%20I%20believe%20in%20keeping%20it%20simple%20yet%20effective!%20That%20is%20why%20I%20provide%20daily%20challenges%20to%20equal%20an%20amazing%20routine!%20I%20care%20about%20helping%20women%20to%20become%20their%20best%20selves!%20You%E2%80%99ll%20have%20full%2024%2F7%20access%20to%20the%20member%E2%80%99s%20community%20where%20you%E2%80%99ll%20get%20support%2C%20answers%20to%20your%20questions%20and%20accountability%20with%20your%20workouts!%0A%0A%3C%2Fdiv%3E%0A%3C%2Fdiv%3E[/op_question] [op_question question="What%20if%20I%20miss%20a%20day%20or%20week%3F"]%3Cdiv%20class%3D%22toggle%22%3E%0A%3Cdiv%20class%3D%22toggle-inner%22%3E%0A%0ANo%20problem%2C%20we%20all%20have%20our%20busy%20lives%20and%20I%20want%20you%20to%20know%20that%20we%20will%20always%20be%20your%20lighthouse.%20Always%20here%20to%20support%20%26amp%3B%20motivate%20you.%20You%20will%20be%20able%20to%20follow%20the%20challenges%20at%20your%20own%20time%20%26amp%3B%20convenience.%20Progression%20NOT%20perfection%20is%20our%20motto!%0A%0A%3C%2Fdiv%3E%0A%3C%2Fdiv%3E[/op_question] [op_question question="How%20much%20effort%20does%20it%20take%3F"]%3Cdiv%20class%3D%22toggle%22%3E%0A%3Cdiv%20class%3D%22toggle-inner%22%3E%0A%0AI%20want%20you%20to%20get%20excited%20about%20the%20addictive%20FUN%20challenges%20that%20are%20yet%20to%20come!%20Effort%20will%20not%20even%20be%20a%20question%20when%20you%20FEEL%20amazing!%20I%20do%20look%20for%20my%20extra%20effort%20girls%20to%20make%20a%20monthly%20member%20spotlight!%0A%0A%3C%2Fdiv%3E%0A%3C%2Fdiv%3E[/op_question] [op_question question="What%20if%20I%20don%E2%80%99t%20have%20a%20gym%3F"]%3Cdiv%20class%3D%22toggle%22%3E%0A%0ANo%20gym%2C%20no%20problem.%20These%20challenges%20can%20be%20done%20from%20home%20or%20vacation!%0A%0A%3C%2Fdiv%3E[/op_question] [op_question question="What%20if%20I%20already%20have%20a%20gym%20membership%3F"]%3Cdiv%20class%3D%22toggle%22%3E%0A%0AGreat!%20You%20can%20include%20your%20daily%20challenges%20in%20the%20gym%2C%20home%2C%20or%20vacation!%20Your%20choice!%0A%0A%3C%2Fdiv%3E[/op_question] [op_question question="What%20are%20the%20other%20members%20like%3F"]%3Cdiv%20class%3D%22toggle%22%3E%0A%3Cdiv%20class%3D%22toggle-inner%22%3E%0A%0AI%20adore%20our%20community%20%26amp%3B%20you%20will%20too.%20The%20amazing%20group%20of%20uplifting%20supportive%20women%20seems%20unreal%20every%20time%20I%20go%20into%20the%20FB%20group.%20It%20is%20like%20a%20lighthouse%20from%20the%20rest%20of%20the%20World.%20You%20will%20get%20an%20extra%20boost%20of%20motivation%20when%20you%20meet%20these%20amazing%20women!%20Women%20of%20all%20ages%20%26amp%3B%20different%20levels%20but%20with%20the%20same%20goals%20in%20mind%3B%20becoming%20better%20than%20than%20were%20yesterday.%20YOU%20will%20be%20as%20important%20in%20their%20journey%20as%20they%20are%20in%20yours.%0AWe%20promote%20real%2C%20long-term%20results%20that%20last%20because%20it%E2%80%99s%20built%20with%20a%20foundation%20of%20Love.%0A%0A%3C%2Fdiv%3E%0A%3C%2Fdiv%3E[/op_question] [op_question question="How%20long%20do%20I%20stay%20in%20the%20program%2C%20can%20I%20cancel%20anytime%3F"]%3Cdiv%20class%3D%22toggle%22%3E%0A%3Cdiv%20class%3D%22toggle-inner%22%3E%0A%0AYou%20can%20cancel%20anytime%20with%20our%2030%20day%20money%20back%20guarantee.%20No%20strings%20attached.%20This%20is%20to%20help%20you%20grow%20%26amp%3B%20evolve%20into%20your%20most%20powerful%20beautiful%20self!%20The%20daily%20challenges%20will%20always%20be%20evolving%20and%20created%20to%20challenge%20you%20even%20more!%0A%0A%3C%2Fdiv%3E%0A%3C%2Fdiv%3E[/op_question]